Promote your keycapset the right way

Get a completely themed landing page and run an interest check for your unique designed keycapset! Start claiming your keycap sets!

Displaying difference between a normal and themed KCS page.

A themed single page to promote your unique keycapset

Upload your set to Keycapsets and let us do the hard work. Keycapsets generates a themed page based on the colours of your unique design. Use this page to promote your set on all the socials and make it the center piece of information.
I want to provide more layouts for themed pages in the near future. Do you have a lay-out in mind? Contact me so we can work together towards a beautifull website!

Displaying difference between normal and themed page.

Targeted SEO for your single page

Keycapsets applies SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation) based on your keycapset. You're able to provide even more keywords to make the most out of your themed single page.
Every set will get their own share and meta image based on the colour pallet and design. These images are used at Google, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slack and more. More info about this? Get in contact!

Visual representation of the IC form.

Interest check forms tailored to your keycapset design

Want to know what the public is thinking about your design? Want to fine tune your kits based on actual consumer feedback? Run your interest check via Keycapsets. This form is themed with the colours of your design and provides easy insight to consumer opinions.

Promote and run your set via!

As is growing I'm working towards a platform that provides a toolbelt for keycapset designers like you! Help Keycapsets grow as a platform and
Use Keycapsets as your promotional tool to get insight in how your sets are doing at the public.