Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for using keycapsets.com

Use of the Service

This site tracks analytics via Google Analytics. By using this platform you agree that we track your views of this site.

User information

Customer and its Authorized Users are able to establish a user account (an “Account”) for the Service.
Keycapsets has the right to block, cancel or remove your Account, whether chosen by you or allocated by us, at any time. This is when a user violates normal behavior or any other ethical code of conduct. Keycapsets only saves the data that is required to run the platform. You can delete your account at any time by contacting via email. If you do so your user account will be permanently deleted from our servers.

The content

The keycapsets team is not responsible for what people post on this platform. By using the Service, you grant Keycapsets a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty free license to use all material (including without limitation text, images and other visual material, hereafter referred to as the “User Content”) you upload or post to the Service. You hereby acknowledge that all content as posted to the Service is already publicly available. Keycapsets does not claim ownership of the User Content. Although, Keycapsets reserves the right to edit or remove any User Content you upload or post to the Service. This will be done when a user violates normal behavior or any other ethical code of conduct by using strong language or posting NSFW content.

Sponsorship or donations

The keycapsets team is happy to recieve sponsorships or donations to maintain this project. Before donating make sure you're able to mis it!! To be sure you're really behind this project and your donation, donations above €20 are refundable 24 hours after the donation is made. The terms for sponsorship deals are made with the sponsor. Keycapsets can for all time seal up the sponsor deal if the sponsorship is below €100.

Or contact us on contact@keycapsets.com