About Keycapsets

Made out of love for mechanical keyboards, and the lack of a nice overview of existing keycapsets!

The story

Excited friends came to me with questions about mechanical keyboards. I'm always in to help them find a keyboard that suits them best. The second step is of course... a nice keycapset!

We were browsing through several vendors and other websites like Geekhack. At that moment the idea came to mind. One website to rule them all. Just one website with an overview of keycapsets that are available or will be available soon. See this site as a proxy to all the vendors out there.

The goal

The goal is to be a hub for keycapset related knowledge. This site should function as an overview of created sets and can also act as an inspiration for new designs. KCS is a 1-stop-shop for information about current GBs and ICs. Users are able to add keycapsets they like to their favorites and maintain an overview of what they want and/or own. They'll be able to have a user profile to share and shill out their keycapsets. And in the future their complete builds!

For set designers

I want to make it easier for designers to express themselfs.
My goal is to make it possible for you to have a single webpage with all the information you need. Such as vendors, renders, links, video's, previews etc.
Make you able to run an Interest Checks and have all analytical data you need to run a group buy in one place!

For explorers

This could be your go-to website to look for keycapsets. I want you to be able to search based on name, type or even the color you like. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to decide what set you should go with on your next build.
You'll be able to add your favorite sets to collections and create a user profile very soon!

For vendors

This site could be an advantage to your business. From both the overview and the page with the single set I'll proxy the user to your shop!

Are you liking this project and want to help me maintain this website?

People asked me if they could help me out with the costs of running this project.
I don't want to run ads on this site or beg for money in any way. Therefore I'm open to recieve a small donation to maintain this project. Be sure you can mis it and read some of the terms or privacy!